The Offer

what you get

  • Original Hertel Grilltechnik Rotisserie Food Truck
  • Basic equipment (eg Spits, shears, forks and other tools) for operation
  • High quality, foldable tables
  • Tablecloths, canopy and wheel cover in choosable colors
  • Adhesive film decals according to customer requirements

Available Services

  • Spare parts supply
  • Thorough security checks on propane tank and gas system (recommended every 10 years)
  • Basic training in safety, hygiene and handling
  • Support from experienced operators and technicians
  • Access to teaching material on safety, hygiene 
  • and process
  • Generator services



Additionally obtainable Services

  • Warming bags in favorite design
  • Additional Training 
  • Development of system materials 
  • (hygiene concepts, system concepts)
  • New equipment 
  • (tablecloths, canopy, wheel cover, shears etc.)
  • Chicken on the roof
  • Vehicle delivery to customer address